Statement About Website

  • NATURE/SCIENCE and NATURE/ABSTRACTION are the organizational topics comprising this site. This dichotomy of images is motivated by my interest in geology (Nature/Science) and as well as my fascination with purely formal issues (Nature/Abstraction).

    Dramatic landscapes altered through earth changing events, geological ones in particular, have fascinated me throughout my career. And the desire to understand the how and why - the science is integral. The Himalayas and the Grand Canyon were some of my first subjects. Then volcanoes led me to study plate tectonics, which then took me to Iceland with it’s glaciers and waterfalls. My present obsession with Climate science is the natural conclusion of this trajectory. I see melting ice as a key indicator of global warming. I have therefore, committed myself to making expeditions to bear witness - creating large-scale archival prints as an antidote to doubt.

    While my practice is currently located at this intersection of art and science - there have been many projects developed from other motivations and experiences. Sometimes the sheer beauty found in nature and not the threats to it - drive my quest. I want all my work to be as conceptually strong as it is aesthetically viable. Thus, as I continue my visual exploration of the environment, adding to these two established portfolios, developing projects based on new discoveries in the natural world.